Creative marketing trends report - What's Exploding the internet August 2023

August 3, 2023
Noy Cohen & Alesya Khasid
fashion and lifestyle
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In this blog, we delve into the intriguing NPC (non-player-character) streaming trend on TikTok, where streamers imitate video game characters for sizable earnings. This trend presents a quirky, interactive way for users to simulate various scenarios and characters, bolstered by a blend of decision making, puzzles, and well-loved cultural symbols. From the antics of a rebellious cat to the ubiquity of a nostalgic purple mascot, we explore how this phenomenon offers diverse experiences, engagement, and a dash of creativity.


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NPC streaming

Ice Cream So Good!

Why is the Latest Tik Tok Trend Is to Have Zero Thoughts?

This NPC streaming trend (non-player-characters) is about Tik Tok live streamers pretending to be  video game characters and earning thousands of dollars in return for making weird gesture to followers, responding to them with repetitive movements, facial expressions and dialogue.

This trend is really bizarre and it can be taken to many different directions, from the caption moving on the screen to the creation of a game in which the main character is acting like a secondary character. Yes yes.

Choices simulator games

These type of games are popular because they give users the option for using their imagination and to experience other people's lives and choices.

For example, take a chance to experience a cat’s life, see the world through your cat's eyes. Be a bad  kitty, make horrible choices, poo on the sofa. So fun! - Or: be a good little kitty! 

Cat Life: Pet Simulator 3D

It can be taken into many directions, from Michael Jackson going to hell to the damsel in distress. 

You just choose a topic that is close to your heart and make a simulation out of it, whether it's your love of cats or your fear of death.

Judgment Day: Angel of God

Creatives that follow a decision making process or a puzzle usually has a higher engagement rate, especially if it's a part of the game mechanic and sometimes just misleading.

Judgment Day: Angel of God

Grimace Shake

The fuzzy purple mascot went viral after McDonald’s brought him back for their nostalgic ad campaign. Now we can see him everywhere from game creatives to logos. Do you want your game to be on top? Just add some purple!

Take your chance to use Grimace Shaker even if it’s not related to the game itself and get 4th and 7th places at Google Play store  like 100 Monsters Game or DIY Boba Tea.

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