Square Bird - The road to 120M Downloads

June 30, 2021
Daniel Hirsh
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Square Bird was released by "Triangle Games" on 2018. It had been tested by other publishers without success, leaving it in a dark corner of the App Store.

We first tested the game in July 2019. Initially, the game didn’t reach the desired KPI’s, but there was a spark in the data that we didn’t see with other games being tested at the time. Although we see way more 3D hyper-casual game titles than 2D, we understood this game had a unique idea and innovative mechanism that made it worth testing. Thanks to our fast and efficient communication with Vishnu Devasi of Triangle Games, we could make quick fixes smoothly and move forward fast.

Our team started planning the next steps; We created a list of priorities for the game design with an approach of needs over “nice to haves”. Assets were removed and replaced, game mechanics were improved. Our experience in UA combined with accurate game design gave Square Bird the edge that it needed. KPI’s improved steadily, and after the 3rd iteration the stats were as high as needed as well as stable.

On the UA side, we focused on new creatives that will emphasize the simplicity of the game. The results were amazing! We realized we were where we wanted to be: The stats began to look like a top chart game.

Thanks to the data platform we built in house, we can accurately predict KPI’s, LTV and buy efficiently on various platforms at great volume, while remaining efficient and profitable.

Constantly stabilizing our numbers, testing different creatives and various UA platforms, we were on the road to 25M users in under 3 months; #1 app on both Google Play and the App Store. As exciting as this path has been, we’re even more excited to test new games and take new partners with us on this road to hyper casual success.

Vishnu Devasi, Triangle Games CEO: "I'm very lucky to have the opportunity to work with MOONEE's team, they are friendly, supportive and real pros. They know how to tackle game metrics and how to squeeze the potential of the game."



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