Creative marketing trends report - What's Exploding the internet - 06.09.2023

September 6, 2023
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The world of social and mobile games is evolving at breakneck speed. From One Piece's live-action adaptation to innovative marketing strategies and AI's impact on social media and gaming ads, this article takes you on a journey through the trends reshaping the gaming landscape. Explore the creative fusion of reality and virtual worlds, and discover how AI is revolutionizing player experiences and content consumption. Join us as we navigate the exciting future of gaming.


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One Piece live action & Anime in mobile gaming and socials

The most famous anime series of all times, One Piece, keeps breaking records by being the very first live-action adaptation success for an anime show. Some people even say it’s a masterpiece just like the anime version, and the internet is blowing up! 

The show is available on Netflix since last week. It’s all over the internet,
from comparison to highlights, reviews, trends, music and easter eggs.

As we saw in the past year, anime trends in gaming and specifically in Hyper-Casual
become trendy with Pokémon and other famous anime references. Such as our own Mechangelion, based on Evangelion.

We expect that the worldwide success of the live action will draw more people to this kind of themes and increase engagement all across. 

So, let’s discuss on how to implement this growing trend and the current success of one piece to boost engagement in our games.

Rubber punch 3d is a boxing game, it doesn't have a title that says, "I am based on One Piece". The special thing about this game is that it contains a stretching power that characterizes the hero, and since the rise of the series in Aug 29 you can also see an increase in the number of downloads.

Another game is gum gum battle (reference to what the hero says when punching) which in addition to the stretching power the player has a straw hat that identifies with the hero. There is also a pirate ship in the background.

Because they do not scream “One Piece” but make a subtle reference to the character's powers or its external appearance it is more accessible to all. For obvious reasons of copyrights but not only, anime is still considered as a big niche, so you don't want the entire game revolving around anime.

Of course, we did it too. In the game Energy Fight the main character looks like Goku from Dragon Ball and its mechanics are the same. 

What started as a hype will eventually become a trend, so there is a chance that we will see many more games with references to the series. On the other hand, there are over a hundred games that are called “One Piece”, but none of them are at the top. Something to think about, sometimes just the iconic hat can do the job!

AI's Digital Domination

Recently, AI-generated content has been infiltrating the internet like a stealthy ninja. The #AIFilter trend is skyrocketing, and it's not slowing down.

The latest spine-tingling Scary Tik Tok trend with AI-generated images of Logan Paul are hauntingly narrating eerie stories that'll give you goosebumps. And that's not all. You've a fake Jenna Ortega busting out some wild moves alongside a faux Leo DiCaprio doing the Skibidi dance. Even a deep fake Tom Cruise soaring through the digital skies, it's like the internet has turned into a playground for AI mischief-makers! 

Let’s take a closer look at AI but in the glitzy world of mobile game ads. Yep, that's right, marketing meets artificial intelligence and it's a combo more epic than peanut butter and jelly.

First things first, picture this: TikTok's Ad charts are popping with game creatives that are AI-powered, and trust me the possibilities are as endless as a Netflix binge on a rainy Sunday. 🚀

AIfilters that can magically turn someone into a tattooed rockstar, switch their age at will or whisk them away into the world of their favorite movie or cartoon character. it's all about this jaw-dropping result! Of course, you wanna see it! All it takes is a catchy hook phrase to grab your attention.

Imagine a celebrity endorsing the game, using their voice, animated likeness, or even a mind-blowing DeepFake to do some seriously crazy stuff. Take your pick and just make sure it's someone trendy.

And guess what? We're already riding this trend train with "Makeover Run." 

Margot Robbie as Barbie enthusiastically chatting about a game.

Throw in Donald Trump critiquing your outfit for the court.

Now that's a legal showdown with some unforgettable style commentary! ⚖️

In our "Mechangelion" game we're using AI-generated images and one of them has proudly claimed the number one spot!

Welcome to the future, where even Donald Trump can become your fashion critic! 😄

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