Hybrid Casual & Hyper Casual Gaming: The New Wave - Q3 2023 Market Trends

July 5, 2023
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Here are four main sub-genres that warrant our attention when brainstorming new game ideas. These promising arenas offer great potential for innovative game concepts, and we're excited to explore them in our upcoming projects.


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Runners 3.0 

The newest trend in runner games presents a fresh approach to level design, integrating multiple objectives, dynamic gates, and an additional layer of gameplay beyond the standard runner movement. With no need for an extra input, it delivers a more significant output, enhancing the player's overall gaming experience. This innovative take on running games has found its sweet spot in the hyper-casual market, adding an exciting new dimension to this genre.

Pressure Washing Run, Relativity High IAP

On top of this foundation, the game introduces multiple secondary mid-level objectives along with an external lane that is outside the running space. This addition provides a new layer of strategic depth and enhances player engagement, giving them more to think about and interact with during their gameplay.

Weapon Craft Run, Top30 on both stores

Moreover, the innovative design implements an in-game progression feel that is similar to idle progression for the player character and paves the way for increased utilization of Rewarded Videos and In-App Purchases. This offers an enhanced feel of progression in-game for players and creates a rewarding experience while also boosting potential monetization for the developers.

Multi Step Merge

When we talk about Merge Mechanics, we're setting it apart from the traditional 'casual merge' ones. Hyper Merge refers to a more simplistic and satisfying experience. The concept is simple yet engaging - merge two identical items to ‘reveal’ the next object in the hierarchy. 

In addition to the merge, we encourage developers to try and combine it with an additional sub genre, such as: first person action, runner, idle and more. In these scenarios, the merge mechanism could support the second part of gameplay, for example in shooters, you can use it for new advanced weapons that can assist you in progressing in the game.

Merge Master

Striking the perfect balance between merge mechanics, theme, and other sub-genres like Shooter or Runner could be an effective strategy to boost robust in-game KPIs.

Merge Miners

Idle Arcade

The newest sub-genre in the hybrid casual games category, Idle Arcade, has demonstrated its potential to be a proven formula for strong in-game metrics. Successful hyper casual mechanics, coupled with an idle progression system that gradually uncovers the game world, Idle Arcade has solidified its position as a compelling genre in the gaming industry.

My Mini Mart



Puzzle games have been consistently in the top charts throughout the years. In multiple variations and styles including Hyper, Hybrid, and even Casual segments. The real challenge lies in mastering the craft of puzzle design and comprehending how it seamlessly fits into a diverse market like Hyper or Hybrid Casual games. With the right approach, puzzles can significantly enhance a game's appeal across a wide range of players.

We've observed that recent hyper-casual titles like "Twisted Tangle" have the ability to hold their place in the top charts across both AppStore and Google Play. Simultaneously, more hybrid or casual games such as "Collect 'Em All" also manage to capture players' attention and achieve success in these popular app marketplaces.

Hyper Casual Puzzles

Twisted Tangle

Hybrid Casual Puzzles

Collect em All


These four sub-genres present promising opportunities for success in the coming months. However, it's also worthwhile to delve into other sub-genres not discussed here, such as Platformers, Idle, and IO games. Even better, consider the potential of merging them with a hyper merge mechanic for a unique gaming experience.

In conclusion, we recommend thoroughly studying the mega-hits in the gaming market, particularly those by various publishers in the hyper-casual space. Deconstructing these successful games can provide valuable insights.

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