Creative marketing trends report - What's Exploding the internet - 23.08.2023

August 23, 2023
Alesya Khasid & Noy Cohen
fashion and lifestyle
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Unleash your inner feline frenzy as we dive into the electrifying world of music, memes, and meow-velous sportsmanship! Doja Cat's latest sensation, "Paint the Town Red," has taken the internet by storm, igniting a wildfire of infectious beats and dance challenges. But that's not all – have you heard about the captivating Banana Cat? Prepare to groove, giggle, and gamify as we explore how cats are not only winning hearts but also taking over the digital landscape. Get ready to be whisked away into a realm where playful paws meet tennis courts in the most unexpected way imaginable.


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Let’s paint everything red!

This diabolical visual literally follows her to hell as well as millions of followers of that trend with distinctive dances, makeup and the overall red theme & style.

This trend started earlier this year with performances from celebrities like Rihanna in the super bowl halftime show, Sam Smith concerts, Travis Scott and many more followed it. We also still remember the TikTok Devil dark trend with horns and blood, it seems like the red theme brought it back with extra red and extra devilish look, The devil is taking over social media. 

How can we use it? Paint everything red, put some blood, horns and bad behavior to be the perfect Demon, mix it with the upcoming Halloween!

Doja Cat trend on TikTok

Banana cat 

Cats are always viral since the first days of YouTube and the internet in general,

Another huge trend is crying banana cats! dancing, crying, and doing everything weird, who can get enough of it?

It started from a Facebook post, since then many other scenes can be found on TikTok: a cat gaining weight, a cat playing soccer.

The trend is so big that people dress up as him, make models of him in 3D and it just keeps growing.

And, for sure, game trends couldn’t ignore this theme as well.

Crying Banana Cat in action

Who runs the world? Cats Playing tennis, with you!

The social network is doing it again. On April 2023, a YouTuber posted a video that showed cat throwing a brick at you (Biden was there too don't ask why). The brick was later replaced by a tennis ball, and they made it a filter/game on TikTok and eventually made its way to the gaming industry.

Meet tennis cat.

The game attracts people’s attention with its simplicity, it’s the most classic version of hyper-casual, easy to pick up, addictive and simple.

The trend extends to Cat ping-pong, Cat baseball and other catch-like sports.

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