Creative marketing trends report - What's Exploding the internet - 29.08.2023

August 29, 2023
Alesya Khasid & Noy Cohen
fashion and lifestyle
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Get ready to witness an extraordinary transformation in the digital sphere as we delve headfirst into the explosive trends redefining the internet. The spotlight is firmly on Gen Z girlhood, an unstoppable force that's revolutionizing online dynamics and leaving an indelible mark on every platform. Join us as we unravel the captivating nuances of this phenomenon, exploring the bold narratives and cultural shifts being driven by the fearless Gen Z. Amid this whirlwind, a different kind of tempest has taken center stage – enter Hurricane Hilary, an enigmatic presence that's sweeping through cyberspace. But that's not all – as our digital landscapes become playgrounds, another pressing reality emerges: the ubiquity of firearms in mobile games. Prepare to embark on a thought-provoking journey, where we untangle these vital discussions and dive into the heart of a virtual universe.


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Gen Z girlhood is taking over. Be aware.

This generation is known for growing up in the web and it’s also very trendy to laugh on how lazy they are and how they want to make lots of money fast and just live the good life!

Now everyone talks about tactics for saving/making easy money and generally feeling good about life, but no one manages to speak to as many people as generation-z girls on TikTok, and the results and their way of thinking is hilarious.

"Girl math" is about featuring women in their 20s who know the opportunity cost of a $500 bag (over one year that's really only about $1.30 a day, which is less than your latte if you use the bag daily!). Save money by spending it? 

"girl dinner" a meal typically consisting of snacks, side dishes, and small portions of randomly assembled foods.

"lazy girl job" well-paying, flexible jobs that allow for leisure time.

Girl Math

Hurricane Hilary is not named for who you think.

Former United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has taken the Internet by “storm”!
Hillary Clinton memes have been flooding the Internet after a powerful storm named Hurricane Hilary is coming to the US And it created a huge buzz on the Internet.

Hurricane Hilary

 Guns are everywhere!

The gun theme is now more popular than ever. And judging by the games using the words “gun” or “weapon” in their names, even if it’s just a theme, it’s getting bigger. Guns’ theme is growing and appearing in unexpected genres, such as visual simulators, runners, match games and more. Guns are not exclusively for FPS anymore!

The trend is so versatile that you can shove it anywhere!

And speaking not only about gun theme but targets… Are you tired of shooting people? Go to Africa or the North Pole for Animal Hunt!

***we don’t support this outside of games!***

Ipad Guns

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